Bristol Christmas Market

Bristol’s Christmas Market is back for 2023, Come and celebrate and get into the Christmas mood from November the 3rd right up until the 23rd of December

Bristol Christmas Market offers visitors an enchanting winter wonderland experience. With over 35 festive stalls selling an array of unique gifts, crafts, and seasonal treats not to forget the mulled wine and in true Bristol fashion hot cider!

Located in the heart of Bristol City Centre, the market is easily accessible and provides a unique shopping experience for locals and tourists alike. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of the season at Bristol’s Christmas Market.

What’s new at Bristol Christmas Market in 2023

  • A New Ferris Wheel: A major addition this year is a 15-meter high Ferris wheel, offering visitors breath taking views of the Christmas market
  • Candy-Themed Escape Room: Adding a fun, interactive element, families and friends can enjoy solving clues in a candy-themed escape room.
  • Reindeer Sleigh Ride: For a touch of magic, a reindeer sleigh ride will be available, perfect for adding to the festive atmosphere.
  • Children’s Helicopter Ride Returns: The beloved helicopter ride makes a comeback, providing kids a unique aerial view of the market’s festive lights and decorations.
  • Snow Machines for a White Christmas: In a first, two large snow machines will ensure flurries of snow each evening, creating a winter wonderland experience in Bristol.
  • Interactive Kids’ Trail: This year, there will be a Kids’ Trail with an interactive questionnaire. Families can collect this at the market, solve clues, and earn a goodie bag.
  • Social Media Contests: Visitors have the chance to win prizes like free hot chocolates and rides on the big wheel through contests on Instagram and Facebook
New for 2023 The Ferris Wheel offering unique views of the Christmas Market

Unique Attractions: Iglus, Ski Gondolas, and Jäger Barn Bar

  • Christmas Iglus for a Cozy Experience: The Bristol Christmas Market introduces the option to book beautifully decorated and heated Iglus. These private spaces provide a cozy retreat from the bustling market, perfect for family reunions, Christmas parties, or corporate events. Visitors can book Iglus online, choosing from medium or large packages to suit their group size​​.
  • Festive Ski Gondolas: Originally used in one of Europe’s largest ski resorts, the Ski Gondolas at Bristol’s market offer a unique wintery escape. Ideal for romantic encounters or smaller groups, these gondolas provide an intimate setting to enjoy the market’s atmosphere. They offer a special Romantic Package for two, as well as medium and large packages for larger groups. While not heated, they offer a unique and memorable experience​​.
  • Jäger Barn Bar for Festive Spirits: The Jäger Barn Bar, nestled in Broadmead Piazza, is the heart of the market’s social scene. It serves traditional German Glühwein, mulled cider, Bailey’s hot chocolate, and features live music, creating a merry holiday ambiance. This bar is a hotspot for those seeking to indulge in festive spirits and enjoy the market’s vibrant atmosphere​


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Traditional German Christmas sausages sold at the Bristol Christmas Market 2023

Festive Food and Drink

  • Diverse Culinary Delights: From traditional German Bratwurst served in crispy rolls to Yorkshire pudding wraps and a sumptuous hog roast, the market caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. For those with a sweet tooth, crepes, churros, and other sweet treats are readily available​​.
  • Festive Beverages: To complement the food, the market offers a range of festive drinks. Traditional German Glühwein, a staple at Christmas markets, is available for those seeking a warming, spiced beverage. Mulled cider and Bailey’s hot chocolate are other popular choices, perfect for sipping while exploring the market or relaxing in one of the cozy Iglus or Ski Gondolas​​.
  • Jäger Barn Bar: The Jäger Barn Bar adds a Bavarian charm to the market with its festive spirits and live music. This bar is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink with friends and family, surrounded by the cheerful ambiance of the market. Whether it’s a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine, the Jäger Barn Bar is central to the market’s festive drinking experience​

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Handmade & Handpainted pottery being sold at the Bristol Christmas Market 2023

Shopping at the Market: Unique Finds and Local Crafts

  • Local Artisans and Handmade Gifts: The Bristol Christmas Market is a treasure trove for unique, locally made items. Visitors can browse over 35 stalls featuring handmade gifts that showcase the creativity of Bristol’s artisans. From bespoke jewelry crafted with local gemstones to hand-knitted scarves and hats, there’s something for everyone​​​​.
  • Distinctive Bristol Souvenirs: For those looking to take a piece of Bristol home, the market offers a variety of souvenirs. Iconic Bristol Blue Glass items, each piece handmade and distinct, make for a special memento. Clifton Suspension Bridge souvenirs, ranging from postcards to fridge magnets, are also available for those who appreciate Bristol’s architectural heritage​​.
  • Banksy Art Replicas: Art enthusiasts can find replicas of works by the elusive street artist Banksy, a Bristol native. These prints offer an edgy addition to any art collection and serve as a reminder of Bristol’s vibrant street art scene​​.
  • Gourmet Local Produce: The market is also an ideal place to discover Bristol’s culinary offerings. Visitors can indulge in local gin with unique flavours, organic skincare products made with natural ingredients, and traditional Christmas decorations to bring the holiday spirit into their homes​
Stalls at the Bristol Christmas Market 2023


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There is no entry fee it is Free to attend


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3rd Nov 2023 – 23rd Dec 2023

Open Daily 10am to 10pm

The Festival stalls close at 7pm but food and drink is served until 10pm


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The best place to park is by using one car parks either end of the Christmas Market

Cabot Circus Car Park: BS2 9AB – Open till Midnight

The Galleries Car Park: BS1 3DQ – Open till 11pm


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Bristol Temple Meads train station is the nearest which is around a 20 minute pleasant walk to the Christmas market.


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Nearest Toilets are in Cabot Circus or The Galleries, Some shops next to the market might be signed up to the community toilet scheme or have toilets to use for customers only.


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Q: When does Bristol Christmas Market start?

A: Bristol Christmas Market begins on November 3rd and runs until December 23rd, 2023

Q: Where is the Christmas market located in Bristol?

A: The market is located in the Bristol Shopping Quarter at Broadmead, right next to cabot circus

Q: What are the opening hours of Bristol Christmas market?

A: The market opens daily at 10am. Festive stalls close at 7pm, while food and drink stalls continue serving until 10pm

Q: Are there any unique attractions at the market this year?

A: Yes! The market features new attractions like a 15m high Ferris wheel, a candy-themed escape room, and a magical reindeer sleigh ride. Additionally, there are unique dining experiences available in the Christmas Iglus and Ski Gondolas​​​​.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the market?

A: Yes dogs are welcome at the market, as long as they are kept on a leash. Dogs are also allowed in the booked Iglus and Gondolas​​.

Q: Are there any accommodation options nearby?

A: Yes, there are several hotels within walking distance of the market, the closest are the Moxy and future inn. Check out our guide on Where to stay in Bristol.

Q: What kind of food and drinks can I find at the market?

A: The market offers a variety of food options including German Bratwurst, Yorkshire pudding wraps, and sweet treats like crepes and churros. For drinks, you can enjoy traditional German Glühwein, mulled cider, and Bailey’s hot chocolate​


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The Bristol Christmas Market 2023 is set to be a festive extravaganza, blending traditional charm with exciting new features. With its array of unique stalls, delightful food and drink options, and special attractions like the Ferris wheel and cosy Iglus, the market offers something for everyone. This year’s additions, including the magical snow machines and expanded area, promise to make the market experience even more memorable.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Bristol Christmas Market is a perfect destination to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. Its commitment to sustainability and support for local artisans also makes it an exemplary model for responsible and enjoyable festive celebrations.

So, mark your calendars for November 3rd to December 23rd, and prepare to be enchanted by the festive lights, enticing aromas, and joyful sounds of one of the UK’s most beloved Christmas markets.

I visited the Christmas Market on the 19th of November and I visit every year its great but please don’t compare it to the markets in Europe as it just wont come close in terms of size and enjoyment but for the UK its fantastic and a magical experience a day out for the children.

I recommend finding the Belgian hot chocolate stand if its a cold day like when i visited it certainly warms you up!


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Have you visited The Bristol Christmas Market ? What did you enjoy the most have your say below in the comments section.


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