Bristol’s Best Polish Shops

Welcome to an exploration of the top Polish shops in Bristol! As a city bursting with cultural diversity, Bristol is home to a thriving Polish community who now call Bristol their home.

Whether you’re craving traditional Polish delicacies or seeking out those familiar brands from home, Bristol’s Polish shops offer an authentic slice of Poland right at your doorstep. Join us as we embark on a journey leading you to the best Polish shopping experiences in Bristol.

1. Polski Sklep ABC

Located in the popular areas of Wells Road & Gloucester Road you will find the ABC Polski Sklep, This humble yet bustling store is a haven for Bristol’s Polish community and a treasure trove for lovers of international food.

Image Credit: Polski Sklep ABC

The store offers an extensive range of traditional Polish goods, from hearty sausages and deli meats to a variety of traditional Polish food items like pierogi, bigos, and kielbasa, to well-known Polish beers and spirits.

Their shelves are filled with Polish brands that you won’t commonly find in mainstream supermarkets, making it the perfect place to source unique ingredients for authentic Polish recipes

164 Wells Rd, BS4 2AG

2. Food Plus

Located in multiple locations across Bristol including East Street in Bedminster is the food plus market franchise, Food Plus is a gateway to authentic Polish goods, including a variety of meats, dairy products, pickles, sweets, beers, and vodkas.

Image Credit: Food Plus East Street Bedminster

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